3D Panel Technology
This product consists of a super-insulated core of rigid expanded polystyrene sandwiched between two engineered sheets of steel welded wire fabric mesh. It results in a three-dimensional lightweight panel of exceptional strength that can be used to form load-bearing walls.
Lightweight Walls
Dead Load of the walls weigh 1.2N, 65% less than conventional 9” Brick weighing 5N / 8” Block walls weighing 3N, allowing for economical structural designs and great savings on foundations, columns, beams, etc.
Faster Construction
On site - Plastering of the walls is done with high pressure plastering machines.
Off site - Walls are pre-cast and installed at job sites.
Cost Effective
Fast and simple installation increases labour productivity and achieves other cost benefits in project management and structural design.
Insulated Walls
Superior thermal insulation of R-9.
Sound insulation qualities of Rw - 42dB.
Green Certificate
With its energy saving capabilities, reduction of construction material wastage, this technology is recommended for LEEDs certification.
Tested and proven to be stronger than brick or block walls with a load bearing capability up to 3 times greater (5KN/mm2).
Tested and proven over a time span of 50 years in more than 35 countries, including the USA , Europe, China, India and the Caribbean.
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