Pre-fab Sandwich Panel Technology
Micro Roof & Ceiling Sandwich Panels are made with a 50 mm thick polystyrene layer to minimize the heat floor in to the house. The Wall Panels consisit of two metal faces and a fully insulated core. The insulated core is typically bonded to the facings using a conventional adhesive bond.
Faster Construction
Structures can be erected very fast at the required location.
Mobility & Reusability
The entire unit can be taken, if needed, to another location for the next project.
Cost Effective
Reduces construction cost and minimize wastage.
Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
All walls and roofs provide tremendous heat and sound insulation for occupants.
Light Weight
Requires very minimal floor preparation for construction, due to light weight
Attractive Appearance
The units can be made in a variety of colours, providing a pleasant environment to the end user
Low Maintenance
Walls and roof are easy to clean and the strong steel finish minimizes surface damage.
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